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Do you love animals, but don’t really have the chance to volunteer at a shelter, or contribute in any other way? Now you can! If you order a Local Lemonade at Trackside, or a Coal Stanley Cosmo at Garlic, they will donate a portion of the proceeds to Camp Papillon. Camp Papillon is a local animal shelter in Stroudsburg, PA.

Camp Papillon

According to their website, Camp Papillon Animal Shelter is a non-profit, no kill, animal welfare organization. Their mission to the prevent the cruelty and suffering of all animals. In fact, Camp Papillon strives to end cruelty to animals in any form, including the suffering and killing of homeless, neglected and/or abused animals. They work tirelessly and with compassion to provide a safe haven to all animals in their care. Camp Papillon takes pride in placing unwanted animals in the right, permanent and responsible homes

The interesting thing about Camp Papillon is that they aren’t your traditional animal shelter. They’re a lake house! Located in Stroudsburg, surrounded by beautiful lakes, trees, and open grassy areas, Camp Papillon is truly a relaxing safe haven for animals. The organization is so important because the staff and volunteers have compassion for these animals. There is no better place for abused and unwanted animals. Camp Papillon truly has the passion to rehabilitate them.

Love for Local

Founder of Trackside Grill & Bar in East Stroudsburg, Michael Tepedino, said “They’re local, we’re local, and we love animals. It feels good to know that we can help out every day and get the community involved. Many people want to donate but can’t, so they feel good when they know they can contribute”.

So, if you need a more convenient way to donate, stop by Trackside or Garlic and have a drink! It’s a win-win.

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