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Why Wine is Queen


If anybody knows me, they know that I treasure wine with a passion. I guess you can call me a wine-aholic if you will (is that even a term?). Seriously though, the three things I can’t live without are my family, friends, and a glass of Merlot. Anyway, what is it about this refreshing taste of God’s creation that has people of all generations obsessing?

Here are the top 5 reasons why wine is the best beverage of all time.

1. It’s Classy

Imagine having a martini at noon with your family. Speaking for myself, my parents would not fly with that! However, a glass of red wine is more acceptable. Just having a glass in hand makes you appear classier and more mature. I mean, it’s a fine social refreshment! Think about you… you are more likely to be judged with a martini in your hand than a glass of wine.

2. All the Feelings

I don’t know about you, but other drinks just don’t make the cut for me. Vodka tends to make people emotional (and crazy), tequila has you regret HORRIBLE situations, and beer just bloats. But wine? It’s a feeling like no other. Nothing beats a good wine buzz. I mean, life just is all around better. In fact, it has you loving everything and everyone!

3. Flava Flave

Straight Tito’s? No thank you! The feeling of it going down my throat is like swallowing nail polish remover. On the other hand, wine has you loving the taste AND feeling. From fruity flavors to the rich taste of dark red, the flavors are endless and easier to enjoy while sipping. Personal local flavor favorites? Check out Blue Ridge Estate Winery or Renegade Winery!

4. You Last Longer On A Night Out

Since wine is meant to be sipped and not chugged, the buzz lasts longer. As long as you don’t mix shots with the wine you’re drinking, you will stay awake longer rather than pass out at the bar. Don’t get me wrong, wine DOES have the ability to mess someone up. Which is why it is important to drink with caution. As long as you sip it the right way, you’ll be fine!

5. It’s Healthy For You

Did you know one glass of red wine per day is good for you? Seriously look it up! Wine has multiple health benefits. It prevents vision loss, helps lower blood pressure, and prevents cancer. For women, one glass a day is ideal and men can have up to two glasses.

On a scale of 1-10, how wine obsessed are you? Comment down below!


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