What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality


Remember in elementary school when kids would ask you what your favorite color is? And then every week it would be a different color because you were in 3rd grade and you were indecisive? Well, turns out your favorite color can actually say a lot about who you are.

According to Color Psychology, your favorite color is linked to your personality. In fact, each shade of the rainbow is said to trigger a different psychological response, like the change of your mood. 

Cooler colors like blue, green and purple are known to be inviting and pleasing. While shades of warmer colors like red, orange and yellow can depict creativity and be associated with high energy, intense passion and emotion. 

What does your favorite color say about your personality? Check out the deets below!


Being a very intense color, red is the color of desire and energy. If red is your color of choice, you are most likely looking for adventure and spontaneity. This passion makes you a bold and ambitious individual. 


If orange is your favorite color, you are a very vibrant, social person, who enjoys being around others. Orange represents warmth and acceptance within your life and also a need for personal challenges.


This color symbolizes optimism, happiness, and joy. If yellow stands out to you, then it probably means you enjoy being with others, but also appreciate expressing your individuality.


While green can symbol jealousy and greed, it also signifies nature and rebirth. If you like green, you most likely feel the need to be safe and secure and are typically down to earth and committed to helping others.


If you prefer blue, you’re not alone. Blue is the most popular favorite color in the US, and it symbolizes peace and tranquility. If your color of choice is blue then you are a calm and loyal person who likes to always think of others.


This color represents artistic and unique individuality. People who like purple are often active and compassionate, they are detail-oriented and are constantly observing and analyzing everything making them a great judge of character. 


While pink is simply a shade of red, it represents the more romantic side of passion. Anyone who likes pink can often be kind, loving and sensitive. If pink is your go-to color, you have a deep need to be accepted and loved unconditionally.


Anyone who uses black to express themselves may be using the color to express their strong-will and power. If you like black then you’re probably not afraid to go after what you want at any cost.


White signifies purity and innocence. If white is your favorite color then you are probably a neat and peaceful individual who looks for the positivity in life. 

Of course, varying shades of colors can carry different meanings. If you simply can’t decide between several colors, each different color can say something about your personality. 

How accurate was your favorite color to your personality? Check out our TEPSBEST favorite colors and share how accurate your favorite color matches your personality in the comments!

Amanda R. – Olive Green
Rebecca S.   Orange
Carolyn W. – Teal
Jenna H.   Red
Nate L.  Purple

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