What We Can Learn From Samantha Josephson


Last Thursday, March 28th, every college girl’s nightmare happened to USC student, Samantha Josephson. Was she drinking and driving? Was she being a nuisance at a bar? No. In fact, this girl has done what all our parents tell us to do after a night of drinking, call an Uber or get a sober ride. Just a simple misunderstanding had her facing the end of her life. Although we hear of tragic deaths everyday, this one hits close to home for me.

Certainly, it would be easy for me to lecture about the dangers of drinking too much and how to avoid this tragedy to happen again. But, her tragedy is much more than an excuse for an upgraded safety system for companies such as Uber and Lyft. Furthermore, there are a few specific things I realized from this tragedy we can all do for now on to avoid this happening again.

Trackside Station Grill Wing Night Wednesday

NEVER leave the bar alone

No, strangers do not count. I know you don’t want to be the downer, but there will be plenty of other nights like these. If you are ready to leave and your friends are not, it is best to call a sober ride you trust. Surely, at least one of your friends are willing to go back with you.

Ask Before Entering Uber

It’s a shame it has to come down to this, but always ask the car driver for their name and information. NEVER say “are you Robert?” Instead, make them answer first and say who they are picking up. If their answers match what is mentioned on the Uber app, then it’s a positive sign. Do not trust any random car with the same color as the one your app is telling you to expect. Ask the driver as many questions as you can before getting in for a ride.

As a 21 year old college student, there have been many times where I find myself alone after a night out on Main Street. Her death is a huge wake up call for myself, and I am sure for many others. The truth is, what happened to Samantha could happen to any of us. Unfortunately, an innocent life was taken for us to realize that we all need to be more aware of how exactly we leave our nights out. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends during this difficult time. Rest in peace Samantha Josephson, you’ll never be forgotten.

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  1. Amanda 2 weeks ago

    Such a sad story.. You should never be out at the bar by yourself. Thoughts going out to the family.

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