True Story: Girl Problems Part 1

Girl Problems

Men have got it easy. I mean, the struggle is real to be a woman sometimes. Scratch that, ALL the time.

Penis problems? Come on, females have far more things to be worried about. Apparently, the only thing males struggle with is how to control their hose. Meanwhile, us females are over here being champs with all the s#%@ we have to deal with on the daily. Let’s be real… there is a reason the hashtag #guyproblems doesn’t exist.

Check out these three #girlproblems that guys will just never understand.

Hair… So Much Hair

It is EVERYWHERE! I’m almost 110% sure women are another breed of cat or something. That would explain why we literally shed like them. Plus, let’s not forget the ponytail holder we all turn into an essential wrist accessory, just in case we need to throw our hair up at any moment. That same ponytail holder also decides to betray us and break when we are conveniently far away from another one. Speaking of hair, I kind of want short hair, but I’m also loving how long it is right now! Or maybe I’ll change the color… blonde is so in right now.

Aunt Flow

Periods. The dreaded p-word! News flash to the guys who have stuck around and continued reading this article, ALL women get their period, and we have special underwear for the occasion! We have our “on our period” and “off our period” underwear, because you know, just in case. Heck, we also have “maybe on our period” underwear.

Have you ever looked into the trash can and seen a tampon? Probably not. Because we literally hide our tampons and other feminine products like they’re band by the government. No guy will ever understand sprinting to the bathroom while trying to hide your tampon from your co-workers, concealing it like a secret weapon. Why are you holding your pocket? Look. Away.

PS. Where is the chocolate?

Date Night

Want to go on a date night? Please give us at least 5-7 business days to get ready. Before we go out, we need to make sure everything is shampooed, conditioned and shaved. Then, after that we need to figure out what we’re wearing. Which, not to mention, will probably remind us of the hundreds of clothes in our closet that will just not work for the occasion. Plus, nothing we own has pockets, so we will have to carry a 20 lb. bag instead. And then we have to decide whether or not we want to risk our lives wearing heels for the night.

Girl Problems

Have more #girlproblems? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for #girlproblems part 2!

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