Trackside Launches a New Menu Featuring the Famous Smedley Burger


The Poconos is in for a treat because Trackside Station Grill & Bar launched a NEW menu today and it’s packed with fan favorites and delicious new selections. With a revamped burger section, new highlights include a Beyond Vegan Burger, Island Burger and Guacamole Burger. But let us not forget the famous Trackside burgers like the Eastburger and the Smedley Burger.


Smedley Burger

Comfort food is the best kind of food. At Trackside, our famous Smedley burger is shamelessly loaded with your comfort food favorites. A 6 oz. steak burger with American cheese, stacked with onion rings, house-made macaroni and cheese with crispy bacon. Each bite is guaranteed to melt all of your worries away. You haven’t had a burger until you devoured this bad boy!

“Comfort in a burger was what I wanted to accomplish as I continued adding more and more ingredients to it”

– Executive Chef, Tim Smedley

The burger originally made it on the menu after Chef ran the burger as a special for the day. It became so popular that guests began asking for it regularly. Clearly, it was a no brainer for the Trackside team to add the burger to the menu permanently and call it the infamous Smedley Burger.


New Menu

Chef Tim describes the reaction as surreal, especially when people see his chef coat with his name engraved on it. They look surprised and go “are you THE Smedley? To which he modestly replies, “yup, that’s me.”

If your tastebuds aren’t telling you to check out Trackside, I don’t know what will. Let us know what you think of the new menu and of course what you think of the famous Smedley Burger!

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  1. Jane says:

    I am BEYOND excited to go to Trackside now! The Smedley Burger looks so delicious.

  1. March 17, 2019

    […] with a cold one, or two, this St. Patrick’s Day at Trackside and see what all the fuss is […]

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