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There’s a New Sheriff in Town in Stroudsburg, PA

The Monroe County Courthouse has recently changed the normal courthouse setting of just having sheriffs, deputies and judges in the court house. How? By adding a new pawfect employee named Nicholas, or Nicky.


Nicky is a two-year old lab mix that works mainly with kids who come in for their proceedings. What better way to help calm down anxious children? I mean, everyone likes a nice furry friend. Nicky will gladly take belly scratches, treats and many kisses.

Nicky joined the Monroe County Courthouse under the program, “Canines in the Courts Initiative”. In fact, Nicky just so happens to be the first one to join the program! Not to mention, he’s doing a great job so far!


The Monroe County Courthouse wants you to know that Nicky will be at the courthouse just like a regular employee. Yes, that means 5 days a week, from open to close. Of course, with the occasional walk breaks. If you’re uncomfortable, or allergic to animals, just let his handler, Jessica Jones.

Jones has worked with Nicky since he was a puppy and can handle any situation. The courthouse also wants to inform taxpayers that this will not cost them anything. In fact, the Monroe County Bar Association has agreed to help pay for Nicky’s food, keep him updated with vet appointments and the general maintenance needed for the new furry friend.

  1. Sandra Rizzuti 2 weeks ago

    Awe that’s great!

  2. Ruthiey 2 weeks ago

    Is it bad to wanna visit him while he’s at work just to cuddle his widdle face!! Truly a nice touch to what can be considered a scary place … a great place for a furry friendly face <3

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