The Greatest Paranormal Investigator Dies at 92

Lorraine Warren

Lorraine Warren was a paranormal investigator and author associated with prominent cases of hauntings such as Amityville Horror, the Conjuring, Annabelle and more.

Renowned paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren, died at the age of 92 in her sleep on Thursday night. For more than 60 years, Lorraine and her late-husband, Ed, investigated prominent cases of hauntings around the world. They were our real-life ghostbusters, giving us incredible true stories such as Amityville Horror, Annabelle and the Conjuring. Without a doubt, Lorraine was hands down the greatest paranormal investigator of our time.

Lorraine Warren

After following her story since I was a kid, I had the pleasure of meeting Lorraine Warren at Monmouth University. She had come to talk to a group of students about her experiences that we typically only see in movies. Lorraine showed us pictures of real-life exorcists and even played a recorded clip. By the end of the night, she had all of us freaking out and believing in paranormal activity.

Lorraine was the sweetest woman you could have ever met. And, not to mention, given her profession, she certainly could have been the opposite. In fact, it was said that she never met a person that she did not like. What was unique about Lorraine was that she accepted everyone for who they were and always saw the kindness behind any darkness. She never ran away from a challenge and was always the first, alongside her husband, to lend a hand to a family in need.

In a statement, her family said she was a remarkable, loving, compassionate and giving soul. Lorraine was an avid animal lover and contributed to many charities and rescues. She also was heavily involved with the New England Society for Psychic Research.

Lorraine was a beautiful soul and her legacy will never be forgotten. Check out her 3 most known cases of hauntings and paranormal activity.


In 1970, Donna received an antique Raggedy Ann Doll from her mother for her birthday. Loving the antique gift, Donna placed the doll on her bed as a decoration and named her Annabelle. Within days, Donna and her roommate began to notice that something was extremely creepy about the doll. Annabelle mysteriously moved throughout the house, making small movements at first. However, as time began to pass, Donna would come home to find the doll in a completely different room. In fact, several times Donna would leave the doll on the couch before leaving only to return to find Annabelle back on her bed… with the door closed.

If that wasn’t enough, Annabelle not only moved throughout the house, but she could write. Donna began to find messages that read “Help Us” and “Help Lou”. To make matters worse, they were written on parchment paper in what looked like handwriting of a small child. But, get this. Donna never kept parchment paper in the house. So, where did it come from?

Check out the Annabelle movie to find out!


Amityville is a small town in New York. In November of 1974, Ronald Defeo burst into a bar and screamed that his parents had been shot and killed. However, police discovered bodies of his entire family. Six family members. The father, mother and 4 out of the 5 Defeo kids were found in their beds faced-down, shot in the back of the head. At first, Ronald claimed that he wasn’t home. However, he later confessed when police found a .35 caliber Marlin Rifle gun case in his room.

After a long trial, Ronald was found guilty of the heinous murders of his entire family and was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences. But, there has never been a solid explanation of how one person could murder 6 family members in the middle of the night without no one hearing the gunshots.

Few years pass and a new family moves into the house. Within a few days of being in the house, the father starts acting crazy and hears “Kill them” throughout the house. Is the house possessed? Guess you have to watch the Amityville Horror movie to find out!

The Conjuring

Inspired by a true story of paranormal events within an island farmhouse where both friendly and sinister spirits lived amongst the Perron family. Ed & Lorraine Warren worked as psychic investigators to help the family with the disturbing paranormal activity.

After only a few days after the family moved into their island farmhouse, strange things started to happen. For starters, their dog refused to enter the house and one of the kids found a boarded-up entrance to a cellar when playing a game of “hide and clap”. Then it gets worse.

At exactly 3:07 AM, birds are flying into the windows, the dog is found dead in the backyard and a spirit is telling one of the kids that the spirit wants her family dead. Is the family going crazy? Or is there something more going on in their home? Check out the Conjuring movie series to find out!

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