Illuminate Your Digital Footprint

Whether we like to believe it or not, the world in which we live in has gone purely digital. So much so that when you look around, 95% of the people you see will most likely be on their phone. Hey, you are probably on your phone right now. Sorry to call you out, but Americans typically spend around 18 hours of their day on their phone, tablet, computer or watching TV. That is 18 hours invested in the digital world. Sure it sounds lazy for the average Joe, but to businesses… it’s a gold mine.

Advertising for the Consumer

Let’s face it… consumerism is not like how it once was. We’d walk in the store and talk to an employee and just like that we’re out the door with a product we didn’t even know we wanted. Advertisement is the most important tool when marketing an item or idea because it’s not only how people get introduced to it, but how it is recognized. Which is why it is important to think deeply about the message you want to portray and execute it in a way that resonates with others.