Swiss Billionaire Donates 1 Billion Dollars to Save Earth

Save the Environment

Swiss businessman, Hansjorg Wyss, donated 1 billion dollars towards saving the environment. However, this news has a controversial twist regarding exactly how money can motivate others to take care of our oceans and land more.

Here are some ways this news can help our planet for the future.

1. Plant Trees

Why do we need trees? TO BREATHE. Just in case no one was aware of how much it costs to plant them, it ranges from as little as 10 cents to 20 dollars per tree to be planted. According to “Nature”, approximately 15 billion trees are cut down per year. Between needing paper, room to build houses, wood for fires, etc we use trees for other purposes. But oxygen is a necessity and at the rate we are going, the number of trees are decreasing each minute. It costs $50 per acre to seed and plant trees. Imagine how many can be planted with an extra $1 billion!

2. To Lobby Against Companies Causing Destruction

Of course, this doesn’t mean we become enemies towards those causing damage. We simply can create grants and funding for the companies if they show positive progress in sustainable practices. These include replanting, crop rotation, invest in wind energy, etc.

3. Clean The Waters

A billion dollars is barely more than enough to clean up the massive amounts of plastic floating garbage. But it helps! Per year, it is estimated that a cost to clean the oceans range from $122 million- $489 million. And this does NOT include equipment costs. One giant net is not enough to get every piece of litter out of the water people. The more investments, the better!

4. Buying Land

Close to 15% of the earth’s land and 10% of the waters are protected by national parks and other areas. Wyss’ donation is enough to cover up 30% of the land surrounding our planet. With double the percentage being protected by him, this is a huge step in motivating others to donate. Just imagine how much land and water can be protected if more billionaires donated!

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