4 Tips on How to Get Bikini Ready

By: Lauren Levy Bikini season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start feeling confident about your body. After hibernating under heavy clothes all winter, it can...

R. Kelly Breaks His Silence

R. Kelly has finally stepped forward and broke his silence about the various allegations of sexual assault and pornography. And did you see the interview? Seriously, it deserved a Nancy Pelosi type of clap…

How to Not Break the Bank this Spring Break

Spring break can be a mix of different events. From going out with your friends to spending time with your family to even sitting on your couch doing absolutely nothing. As long as you’re not sitting in a classroom, does it really matter what you’re doing? Check out these 5 tips on how to travel on a budget!

5 Ways to Look Insta-Ready

Nowadays, we don’t go to fashion magazines for tips. Instead, we turn to Instagram! We are all quite aware of those girls we see see as we scroll through the explore page. You know, those “Instagram models”. They look absolutely flawless and their lives seem to be put together 24/7. What’s the secret?Here are the 5 effortless ways to look insta-ready!

Winter is here. Are you ready?

After 19 long painful months, fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones are finally getting a first look at the final season of the fantasy show. Not to mention, this first look is epic, chilling and magnificence all wrapped into one package.

SPOILER ALERT: For those who haven’t caught up to the Game of Thrones finale, or those who are crazy enough to go into the final season blindly, this is not the article for you

How Do I Optimize My Website for Google?

We have all heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but what does it actually mean? Yes we understand that we need it – I mean, if you aren’t on Google, can you be successful? But, what, and how, the heck are we supposed to be optimizing in the first place?

A Vibrant Change to the Year

With all these dreary cloudy, snow days, it’s exciting to see something bright in 2019. The Pantone Color Institute announced that its 2019 “Color of the Year” is the playful and optimistic, Living Coral.