5 St. Patrick’s Day Facts You Never Knew

Before you head out tomorrow, or next weekend for the Stroudsburg St. Patrick’s Day Parade, in head-to-toe green to gulp a pint of Guinness, you should know that neither of those traditions have anything to do with the real Saint Patrick. Yeah, bet you didn’t see that one coming!

The Nation Mourns with New Zealand After Violent Attack

The Prime Minster’s Office confirmed on Saturday night that it had actually received a copy of a manifesto outlining the attack less than 10 minutes prior to the massacre. Bodies were still being removed into the Al Noor mosque on Friday evening. Little did they know, 41 of them would die during their prayer. Police announced that they had not seen any evidence leading to more than one gunman involved in the attacks.

Boss of Historic Gambino Mob Taken Down

Have you ever had an obsession with conspiracy, way of living or aliens? Me too, but mine is the Mob. Last night, news broke out that Frank Cali was murdered. You’ve probably already heard, but don’t know who he is. Or, even worse, you’ve haven’t heard a thing.

Eyeliner Dos and Don’ts

As a makeup fanatic, I’ll admit that it took me awhile to achieve the eye wing. With all the trials and errors I put myself through, I am aware of the best tips and tricks to master a sexy cat eye. However, some might prefer just a simple definition to the eye.

Sweetest Celebrity to Quickly Unemployed

By now, we have all heard the news about the largest college admissions scandal. Sweet little Lori Loughlin was amongst the accused. Why? Because she paid $500,000 to get her daughters into USC. I mean, how bad where their test scores that she had to pay a half million dollars? Ridiculous.

The More Bones I Saw, the More in Control I Felt

I knew exactly what I was doing. Every skipped meal, every extra workout, every trip to the bathroom. They were intentional. For once in my life, I felt like I was in control. And it felt fucking good. Every time I rubbed my hands against my ribs. Every time I stayed later at practice to sweat just a little more. Every time I threw out my lunch and hid in a classroom until it was over. Every time I ran the faucet to cover the noise of my purge. It was all planned.

Endgame: Sometimes the Best We can Do is Start Over

Marvel just dropped the second trailer for Avengers: Endgame this morning and it is the perfect way to start your Thursday. If you want your mind blown, watch the trailer here and meet me below to take a deep dive into what our surviving heroes might be in for in the future.

Myths of the Irish: the Legend of the Banshee

Do you know about the Legend of the Banshee? Most people think Irish legends are all about gold, leprechauns and rainbows. However, Irish legends are actually full of dark mysterious and horrifying myths. In fact, did you know the headless horseman actually originated from an Irish myth? You do now.

Take a look at one of the most terrifying of Irish myths, the Legend of the Banshee.

Dear Instagram and Facebook, Get Well Soon

At precisely 11:55am today we went to post a picture of the most delicious looking flatbread to Trackside’s Instagram page. We do this every single day, however this morning something absolutely awful happened. The picture never posted. Instead, it became stuck in an endless loop. To make matters worse, it happened on Facebook too.