Odell Beckham Gets a New Home with the Browns


Rumors were spreading over the past few weeks that the Giants might end up trading wide receiver, Odell Beckham. However, sports fans were not ready to hear the news last night.

A Stunner

In what seemed to have been the most shocking off-season trades in NFL history, Beckham was given a new home with the Cleveland Browns. With the trade, the Giants received two draft picks (a first and third-rounder) along with safety, Jabrill Peppers.

As you can imagine, NFL fans were shocked and took to Twitter to talk about it. I mean, everything is vented on Twitter, isn’t it? Emotions ranged from “John Dorsey is a genius” to “I hope Dave Gettleman gets fired in the next 3 hours.”

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Twitter War

NFL players were even getting in on the action. Former Colts punter, Pat McAfee, tweeted “Kicking nets in Cleveland getting ready for war.” But, besides other players, it was inevitable that we would see devastated reactions from Giants fans. I mean, the anger at Gettleman is REAL.

“No one has ever betrayed me like Dave Gettleman” @AlyssaRose

“I know hate a strong word… so I need a stronger word to describe how I feel about Dave Gettleman. Smh.” @andyrivera_23

“Dave Gettleman. I sincerely hate you with everything that keeps me alive” @Markabram_

And to add more shock to the fire, the Giants themselves tweeted out.

“Gettleman: We didn’t sign Odell to trade him.” @Giants

The Browns

On the other hand, Cleveland Browns fans couldn’t be more excited about the trade. I mean, they just got freaking Odell Beckham for goodness sake. In fact, they are all thinking about winning the Super Bowl already.

“Browns is a super bowl contending team now #Browns” @Pryor_Away5

“Just put $500 on the Browns to win the super bowl” @rangrfan95

The trade becomes official at 4 PM EST today.

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Beckham wasn’t shy to share his thoughts and called it “bittersweet” to be leaving the team less than a year after signing an extension. “At this point I have no idea what to think,” Beckham said. “I’m trying to process it right now.”

Expectations are going to be even higher now and it’s been a long time since we’ve gone into a season saying that about the Browns.

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