Netlix’s New Ted Bundy Movie… Is It Glorifying a Murderer?

Ted Bundy

If you’re like me, you LIVE for scary documentaries and films. The latest obsession for those thriller lovers on Netflix? Ted Bundy.

Set to release on May 3rd, Netflix’s new film “Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile” features Zac Efron starring as the notorious serial killer. Before it’s release date, people are already throwing shade on the film claiming that having Efron star as Bundy is glorifying the murderer.

Why would people think this? Well for starters, it’s Zac Efron! Arguably, he is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood for the millennial generation. So, is having Efron play Bundy really a good idea?

Here are some thoughts…

1. Representing an Accurate Image

Clearly, times have changed since the 1970s. By this, I specifically mean images in what people consider attractive. However, Ted Bundy was described as having a look that could kill (no pun intended). In fact, this was probably why he was so successful in accomplishing the historic 30 murders of young women. Certainly, no one would be attracted to Bundy today, considering the fact we know too much about him, but having Efron play this role helps us give an idea on how Bundy was portrayed in real time.

2. Why Even Have a Film?

Although I sound like an absolute hypocrite for saying this, because I love a good movie based on an intense true story, just the fact there is a film about Bundy already kind of glorifies it. I mean think about it, 30 years later and we are STILL giving this man attention. Hollywood gives off the thought that if you murder someone you will be famous and forever relevant. I’m sure the film and documentary about Bundy alone is hard enough for the families and friends of those poor innocent victims to watch already.

3. Why Not Highlight the Victims?

For years we give recognition to killers and rapists, but the victims are forgotten. On the top of my head, I couldn’t name 5/30 victims of Ted Bundy for the life of me. However, I knew his name before even knowing what he did. If we are going to have a film, it should be a documentary on the victims as a tribute. Would you agree?

4. A Lesson to Be Taught

Ironically enough, this is educational if you think about it. Individuals who knew Bundy mentioned that he was a very charming and warm person, someone who would never be capable of such actions. Perhaps this is a way for us to realize that you don’t have to look like a psychopath to be a psychopath. Furthermore, just because a stranger is attractive, does NOT mean you should leave with them alone. Be more cautious of who you surround yourself with!

What are your thoughts? Will you be watching?

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