Miranda Lambert Throws Shade at Blake Shelton at the ACMs

Miranda Lambert ACMs

Step aside everybody, Miranda Lambert just became the Queen of Shade. Miranda Lambert dissed ex-husband, Blake Shelton, during her performance at the ACM Awards on Sunday night.

At the 54th Academy of Country Music Awards, Miranda Lambert performed a rendition of her song “Little Red Wagon.” During her performance, fans think she openly dissed her ex-husband, Blake Shelton right in front of his face. How you might ask? Grab your nearest bag of popcorn and let’s evaluate this diss.


In the original song, Miranda sings “I live in Oklahoma,” which  is where Blake is from. Not to mention, it is also where they lived while they were married. But, during Sunday night’s performance Miranda went right on ahead and changed the lyrics to “I got the hell out of Oklahoma.” We see you Miranda!

I don’t know about you, but this shade throw was intensified knowing that Blake was in the audience accompanied by Gwen Stefani. Unfortunately for us, there was no reaction shot of Blake and Gwen when they heard the lyric change, but of course, people took to twitter to show their reactions to the moment.

And of course, where there are praises there’s also criticisms.

While on tour last year, Miranda first changed the lyrics to “Little Red Wagon” and fans were loving it. However, this is the first time the new version was performed in front of Blake and new gal, Gwen.

Empowered, or pathetic? What are your thoughts? Did Miranda go too far? Let us know!

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