Keep Your Kids Safe Challenge


By: Lauren Levy

Bullying has always been a major huge issue in the world. Since technology became more and more advanced, it has made it difficult for people to escape bullies. Cyberbullying comes in all forms. Whether if it’s an account from classmates at school or an anonymous person, it can be quite uncomfortable and intimidating.

Lately, there has been a challenge targeting young children via YouTube. A figure by the name of Momo is known to hack into videos where children are the prime viewers. Once Momo catches their attention, it asks the child to download an app called ‘WhatsApp’ to communicate with it. From there, Momo harasses them into doing things such as harming themselves or others. Parents around the globe are becoming more aware of the Momo challenge.

Here are some tips for keeping your child safe from the Momo challenge. 

Make Them Aware

Let’s be real, you’re probably not going to be able to monitor your kid’s every move in the technology world. Instead, try making them aware of what’s going on. Explain to them about the Momo challenge and show them images of what it looks like so your child knows what to avoid. 

Educate Them

Teach your children about doxing. Let them know that this term means it is a way for someone to retrieve, hack, and share information about people. Explain to them that internet hacking can happen to anyone and that it’s a real thing. It will also help them be more aware in the future about what not to post on the internet.


Expose Momo

Show your child how fake the Momo figure really is. Yeah she is pretty terrifying to look at, but it’s just a sculpture. The looks are so detailed due to the fact that Momo was created by Keisuke Aisawa of the Link Factory, a Japanese company that makes horror film props and special effects. If you search other images, you will find that she is just a head sculpture on bird legs. Your child will hopefully just see Momo as a toy figure being manipulated by another person. 


Whether we like it or not, technology is just going to enhance more in the future. From Bloody-Mary to eating tide-pods, these challenges eventually die down. In the meantime, it is highly important to help your child be smart on the internet!

What are your thoughts. Is Momo a hoax or something we should be concerned about?

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  1. Judy says:

    Who thinks of tormenting children while they are trying to watch shows. I hope this person gets caught… sickening.

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