Happy National Siblings Day


It’s national siblings day! Which means it’s the only day out of the entire year where you have to show love and affection to your sibling to let them know you still care.

Just kidding… you should love your siblings everyday. Here are a few of the many reasons why having a brother or sister in your life is possibly one of the greatest blessings!

1. They Understand How Your Parents Can Be

Who else besides you know what it’s like to live with your mom and/or dad? Your siblings are the best people to vent to when your parents get on your last nerve. Surely you can talk to a friend about it, but your siblings can relate more. They can give you tips on how to deal with them even when on their worst days.

2. You Have A Partner In Crime

If you’re anything like me and my sister, you will know what it’s like to have someone behind your back 24/7. When it comes to advice about boys, friends, or life in general, I know we can count on one another. If needed, we step in for each other when situations get difficult. It’s a secure feeling knowing I have her by my side!

3. Their Accomplishments Are Yours

When my sister got straight A’s her sophomore year of high school, I never felt more proud of her! It was as if I got those outstanding grades. Something about sharing the same DNA as someone who is succeeding is a pleasing feeling. Whenever something good happens to one of us, we call each other first before anyone else. I am her number one fan and she is mine.

5. They Make Family Vacations Even More Fun

How on earth would I survive a road trip without my sibling? Being alone with my parents on a vacation seems like a nightmare! Still love you guys though. However, my sister and I can make a fun time out of nothing. Between inside jokes, roasting family members, and having someone to hangout with, vacations are never dull!

6. You Have A Forever Friend

Seriously though, this has to be the best part of having a sibling. Even though we argue at times, we can never stay mad at each other. It’s almost impossible to destroy our bond! From being my partner in crime to being the maid of honor at my future wedding, she will be by my side. No matter where her and I end up in the future, I know we will still be in each other’s lives.  

Happy National Siblings Day!

….I love you Morgan (;

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