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Grandpa Joes Candy Shop Makes a Sweet Appearance in Stroudsburg

Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joes Candy Shop recently opened on Main Street in Stroudsburg and is inspired by Willy Wonka.

With Easter coming this Sunday, many people crave something sweet. Look no further than Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop! By pulling inspiration from Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joes will fulfill ALL of your candy needs! I mean, it’s impossible to make just a quick stop considering the fact this candy store has a wide variety of options. From candy bars to gummies, Grandpa Joes offers many options for the kid inside of all of us.

Grandpa Joes

Want to make the most out of your visit? Try the $5 candy buffet. Yes that’s right folks, I said ONLY $5 for a box of all the candy you can fit! Forget buying candy and chocolate by the pound. Instead, at Grandpa Joe’s, they don’t care how much your box weighs. As long as the lid closes, your candy box is $5!

Looking to find a gift for someone who’s difficult to shop for? Try Grandpa Joes gift selection! What better present is there other than chocolate? Doesn’t matter if it’s your Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Mom, etc. candy is the gift that makes the world go round.

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