Google is Hitting the Streets

Google launches the Anker Roav Bolt, a Google Assistant for your car.

Google is once again making a big splash in the tech world. The Anker Roav Bolt is basically a tiny Google Home for your car.  At $49.99, it’s an affordable way to bring the Google Assistant to your car.

Roav Bolt

Roav Bolt

If you don’t own a car with Android Auto, just install the Android Auto app on your phone.  The Anker Roav Bolt fits perfectly in your car’s cigarette lighter and the audio flows directly from your car’s stereo.  For cars that don’t have a cigarette lighter, devices that will plug into other places is in the works. Plus, he Roav Bolt has two built-in USB Type-A ports and an auxiliary jack as well.

Just like all the Google Assistants, you simply just need to say “Hey Google” and you’ll be able to do things like pulling up directions, sending texts or making calls all by using voice controls.


No more looking down at your phone to change a song or add appointments to your calendar. The Roav Bolt works best if it is connected through the AUX rather than using Bluetooth.  With that said, bad news for all of you Apple iPhone users. The Roav Bolt is currently only available for Android phones, but don’t fret because the Google team is in the process of making it iOS compatible.

The Roav Bolt will be available on Monday, April 22 in stores and online at Best Buy and online at Walmart.  It should be available in store at Walmart and Target in the coming weeks.

Will you be adding Google to your ride?

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