Dwyane Wade: Bigger than Basketball


Dwyane Wade, a very well-known NBA player for the Miami Heat, has a tradition of handing his jersey to another NBA player on the opposing team at the end of certain games.

Wade has also been very generous off the court and has earned much respect from fans and the public world-wide with things he has done to help others.  With Wade’s final season with the Miami Heat coming to an end, Budweiser has created a video ad as a tribute to Wade.

The ad shows several people whose lives were touched forever by Wade: a sister of a Parkland shooting victim, a woman who was able to attend college because Wade paid her tuition, a man who lived in a poverty ridden neighborhood near Miami, a woman whose house burnt down and she lost everything. Wade’s mother, Jolinda, is also in the video in a very emotional scene.  During the ad his mother says, “I am proud of the man you have become than the basketball player. You are bigger than basketball.”

I am not a Miami Heat fan, but this video put me on an emotional roller coaster. How can you not love Dwyane Wade after everything he has done for people?  Many times you don’t see or hear something about a professional athlete in the news unless it’s something in relation to their sport.  Every athlete should use Dwyane Wade as their role model and strive to be like him and always lend a helping hand out to those who need it.

Take a look at the Budweiser’s video… you’ll be cutting onions for sure!

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