Dear Instagram and Facebook, Get Well Soon


By: Rebecca Stephens

At precisely 11:55am today we went to post a picture of the most delicious looking flatbread to Trackside’s Instagram page. We do this every single day, however this morning something absolutely awful happened. The picture never posted. Instead, it became stuck in an endless loop. To make matters worse, it happened on Facebook too.


This is how most Instagram and Facebook users found their Wednesday afternoons going as they tried to post or even look at their feed. The annoying message telling us that they would auto-post when it became possible. Really Zuckerberg? While some are suffering from slower loading times, others were unable to log into the app at all.

The kicker is that Facebook took to Twitter to let users know they are aware of the situation and that the social site would be back online as soon as possible.

Twitter Fun

Instagram and Facebook users took to Twitter to not only report the issue, but make some #FacebookDown jokes.

Whether this is a life altering situation for you or not, I hope both Facebook and Instagram get it together soon. How else am I supposed to know what’s going on?! Good thing there’s TEPSBEST

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