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Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend: Drink Responsibly


Ever since I turned 21, I am probably the first person to jump at the offer for a night out with friends. Why do I (and the majority of other people my age) get so eager about these nights? Because drinking is involved. Now, this doesn’t mean I have to drink when I’m around others. A nice buzz or that “drunk” feeling can increase the fun with friends even more! However, along with the positives that come with drinking, there are many negatives. Here are some tips to avoid the bad side of drinking and stay safe.

1. Eat Before Your Drink

Eating before (and possibly during) a night of drinking alcohol can help keep you from getting too drunk too soon. Trust me… NO ONE wants to deal with an obnoxious light-weight. The longer the food stays in your stomach, the slower the rate alcohol will hit your bloodstream. Carbs are probably the best types of food to have in your system. Meat, bread, pasta, yogurt, potatoes, and more are great options. Furthermore, the longer the food stays in your stomach the less chance of you feeling like absolute S%!$ the next morning!


2. Pace Yourself

Drinking is not a race folks. Take sips instead of chugging your beverage so you can last longer and enjoy the night. If you prefer shots, try doing one every 45 min- an hour to remain “alive” by the end of the night. Certainly everyone’s tolerance is different, but for majority taking too many shots in one sitting can result in hospitalization (or even death). Be smart.

3. Drink Water

A popular myth is that if you sip water while drinking, you won’t get that intoxicated feeling at all. This is in fact false. Drinking water does not take away your buzz, it just keeps you from getting too drunk too soon. Double fist with a vodka cran in one hand and a glass of water in the other to chase it down. Don’t believe me? Try it out and watch how long you last!

4. Know Your Limit

Again, everyone’s tolerance levels are different. If you start walking like Bambi to the bathroom… it’s probably time to go home. Blacking out is never fun, who doesn’t want to remember the fun night they had? You are more prone to making regretful decisions while blacked out than with just a steady buzz. In addition, waking up in the morning and looking at your phone comes with a great deal of anxiety. From those snapchat videos of you dancing wildly at the bar to those embarrassing texts to your ex, the regret can be rough.


5. Don’t EVER Leave Your Friends

Yeah you might get separated for awhile, but always check up on each other. Of course this is different from being a babysitter, I’m talking a simple text to meet at a spot in the bar to make sure things are okay. Trust who you are with and don’t leave with strangers!

Your twenties are supposed to be fun. And they can be! But the quickest way to destroy that fun is with an incident that was caused from drinking. No one wants to look back with regret. Be smart!

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  1. Amanda 2 weeks ago

    Ya girl always carbs up before a night of drinking!! Every college student should read this because they forget about the bigger picture of being safe.

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