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For those looking for the latest fashion trends and make up tips, Style is for you. TEPSBEST provides a relaxed take on how to look insta-fresh, easy how-to make up tips and the latest style trends you should know.

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Tricks on Keeping Your Skin Glowing

Just like hair, everyone has different skin. For those with sensitive skin, products can have the ability to irritate. However, anyone can learn how to keep skin looking smooth and acne-free with just these simple product-free tips!

Hair Care for Split Ends

Everyone wants voluptuously stylish hair, but some don’t know where to start. Sure there are plenty of products out there that can help disguise dead ends for healthy hair, but they only work temporarily. Here are some natural ways that can help keep your hair from not only looking damaged, but from actually being damaged!

Eyeliner Dos and Don’ts

As a makeup fanatic, I’ll admit that it took me awhile to achieve the eye wing. With all the trials and errors I put myself through, I am aware of the best tips and tricks to master a sexy cat eye. However, some might prefer just a simple definition to the eye.

5 Ways to Look Insta-Ready

Nowadays, we don’t go to fashion magazines for tips. Instead, we turn to Instagram! We are all quite aware of those girls we see see as we scroll through the explore page. You know, those “Instagram models”. They look absolutely flawless and their lives seem to be put together 24/7. What’s the secret?Here are the 5 effortless ways to look insta-ready!

Top 4 Shoe Trends to Fuel Your Inner Shoe Fanatic

We may have woken up to snow on the ground this morning, but March means Spring is just around the corner! Get ready to ditch the winter wardrobe and prepare yourself for a new fun Spring attire. From strappy sandals to high boots, check out our top 4 latest shoe trends that will have your style shining all season