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We love food and cocktails. But, who doesn’t? Food + Cocktail is the jackpot of delicious recipes, the best restaurants and DIY cocktails. TEPSBEST highlights the best of the best that will have your tastebuds watering. Special shout-out to the best restaurants in the Poconos, GARLIC, Trackside and Bite!

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Grab a Guinness, it’s St. Patrick’s Day

Guinness was originally brewed back in Ireland in 1759 by a man called Arthur Guinness with only £100 to his name. With over 20 world-class brews in productions, it’s no surprise that the Guinness name is well know and loved in 150 countries. In fact, it is the most popular beer in Ireland!

Trackside Launches a New Menu Featuring the Famous Smedley Burger

The Poconos is in for a treat because Trackside Station Grill & Bar launched a NEW menu today and it’s packed with fan favorites and delicious new selections. With a revamped burger section, new highlights include a Beyond Vegan Burger, Island Burger and Guacamole Burger. But let us not forget the famous Trackside burgers like the Eastburger and the Smedley Burger.

The Art of Meal Prep and Planning

So you have your weekly meal plan mapped out, you went to the grocery store and bought all of your fresh foods. You’re now ready to start prepping for the week ahead. But, where do you start? Check out my top 5 tips and tricks for meal prep and planning!

Gluten Free Cauliflower Breakfast

Adding to cauliflower’s appeal is its extreme versatility. You can eat it raw, add it to salads, or use it in your cooking. Cauliflower can even be seasoned and mashed for a healthier version of mashed potatoes. Just don’t tell the kids, or the husband. Check out this delicious recipe for Gluten Free Cauliflower Breakfast from Bite Grill & Bar!

America’s Original Craft Vodka: Tito’s Vodka

When you think of the perfect mixer for your next cocktail, many turn to the beloved vodka. The best vodka? Look no further than the original craft vodka, Tito’s. Tito’s is naturally Gluten-Free and is distilled and bottled in Austin, Texas on the same land where their whole venture started.

Gluten Free Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is the probably one of the most simplest of desserts. It is a softly set pudding that is simply made with cream, sugar and gelatin. It originated in Northern Italy, where the name literally means cooked cream. Check out this delicious Gluten Free Panna Cotta recipe by the chefs at Bite Grill & Bar!