BREAKING NEWS: Robbery in East Stroudsburg


BREAKING NEWS! Located in East Stroudsburg across from Trackside Grill & Bar, PNC Bank was robbed this morning at approximately 11:30 a.m. The culprit? A Caucasian male in the age range of 25-30 years old. As of now, no one knows who this individual is. Anyone with any information, please contact the Stroud Area Regional Police IMMEDIATELY!

For future reference, here is what one should always keep in mind if there is an intruder/robber aiming towards your business:

1. Have A Plan For Employees

When I was in elementary school, we had a code word for an intruder. “Mr. Red is in the building” was blasted on the announcements by our principal. We were expected to not panic and teachers locked the doors to our classrooms. The same should go for employees for any business. Managers can have drills for workers so they can know what to do if a customer appears to be present for the wrong reasons.

2. Write Down All Information

This should be simple considering the fact most businesses have cameras but it is highly important to do. Sometimes they can be smart and dodge the cameras! If someone robs your business, be sure to remember exactly what they looked like from their clothing, gender, ethnicity, etc.

3. Contact Police ASAP

There’s a reason why I put ASAP. Do not make the mistake of waiting for long periods of time before calling the police. The sooner you do, the chances of them catching the robber will increase.

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