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Becoming a Legacy at East Stroudsburg University


A Legacy at East Stroudsburg University in East Stroudsburg, PA is a student who’s parents and/or grandparents have also graduated from the University.

With graduation quickly approaching, what better time than to hold a graduation survey towards East Stroudsburg University (ESU)? While being a legacy after my father, I couldn’t help but wonder how many other students followed in their family’s footsteps at ESU. Recently, the interns at TEPSBEST held a survey for all ESU students and alumni to answer questions regarding their own opinions about the University and their reasons for attending.

Check out the results from the questions below!

1. Are you a Legacy at ESU?

Out of the 27 responses, I was actually surprised to notice that there were 7 other individuals (25.9%) who decided to follow in a family member’s footsteps. Following with the next question asking who specifically inspired you to go to ESU, the popular answer was after a Father.

2. Are you the first to attend College in your family?

41.3% answered yes to being the first member of their family to attend college overall. With 53% answering no, I was kind of expecting majority to not be the first ones to attend. However, it’s outstanding to see a good amount of people start on their own! It’s a huge accomplishment and a very rewarding feeling.

3. Why ESU?

Majority of the individuals who responded said they chose ESU because of the environment and scenery of the area. This did not come as a shock to me at all because it was one of the main reasons I decided to pursue my education at ESU. With the mountains only 20 minutes away, and being surrounded by friendly professors, what better way to have a college experience? It’s easy to call this place a second home!

4. What Major did you pursue At ESU?

Out of all the results, Digital Media Technology was the most popular major pursued at ESU (18.5%). With Communications coming in as a close second (11.1%), it is clear that most ESU students prefer a well-rounded career path. Not to mention, ESU is also known for Education.

5. What is your favorite off-campus activity?

Are we even shocked that Main Street is the number one answer? Come on, were talking about college kids here! And we have plenty of bars to choose from so close to campus. The best part? They’re not even that far! However, some non-drinkers suggested the crossings, the movies, and just hanging out with friends. And let us not forget about the best restaurants in town…. here’s looking at you, Trackside!

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