Time Management Skills for the Millennial

oughout my four years here at East Stroudsburg University, I noticed that my daily routine from freshman year is way different than how I do things now. As I got older, I have a lot more on my plate than just going to classes. Perhaps some of you can relate, and some might have done things differently. Without time management skills, I don’t know how I would be able to get everything done. Here are my top 5 tips on time management for college students.

Trackside Fundraiser Raises $2,000 for AWSOM

EAST STROUDSBURG, PA- Known to be one of the most popular restaurants in town, Trackside has a reputation of raising awareness for organizations all over. From the Stroud Police Department to the Women’s Resources of Monroe County, AWSOM is the latest organization benefiting from Trackside’s fundraisers.

Become a Pro Prankster in time for Aprils Fools

April Fool’s. The perfect excuse to let out your inner prankster on your coworkers, friends or family. And it’s right around the corner. Here are five of the most harmless tricks you can play to make this the best, or most irritating, April Fool’s ever.

March Madness in Full Effect: Let’s Dance!

One of the world’s biggest sporting events started this week. Of course, I am talking about March Madness! In fact, some viewers actually prefer to watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament over NFL playoff football. Yeah, you read that right. March Madness is seven rounds of single-elimination games to compete for the national championship in Division I Men’s Basketball.

NCAA: A Day in the Life of a Student Athlete

Recently, the NCAA has released a video showing what a day in the life of a student-athlete requires. This brought outrage out of professional athletes who all went through the same thing. In fact, had current student-athletes upset because they are struggling through it right now.

Tag, You’re It!

Since early March, people around the world have been participating in the #TrashTag challenge. This is a movement that involves taking before photos of littered areas and after photos once they’ve been cleaned up.

How to Get Filthy Rich

’m gonna give you a easy route to how to get rich. Just kidding, turns out I’m still trying to figure that secret out. But, let me just say that success is more than being filthy rich.

The F Word No One Wants to Hear

What’s the big ole F word that no one wants to hear? The friend zone. Despite common belief that only guys can be put into the friendzone, this is something that happens to us ladies too!

Michael Jackson and Leaving Neverland

Michael Jackson. Just his name is enough to fill you with emotions. Whether you like the guy or not, he was (and still is) a legend. But, does the HBO documentary, Leaving Neverland, ruin his legacy?