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A Vegetarian Friendly Whopper is Coming to Burger King

Something exciting is coming to Burger King for our vegetarian friends! Burger King will be introducing a meatless Whopper made with a vegetarian patty from Impossible Foods.

This week, Burger King introduced a new vegetarian version of the iconic Whopper. Introducing, “The Impossible Whopper”. The fast food chain is partnering with the plant-based startup, Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods will be supplying BK with the vegetarian patties.

Impossible Foods

Based in Silicon Valley, Impossible Foods was founded on the goal of decreasing the consumption of animal products. In fact, their mission was to create a meatless alterative that satisfied consumers’ craving of beef. According to the company, they use a protein called heme in the burger, which gives it a meat-like taste and a red juice that resembles beef.

Taste Test

Burger King will be testing the meat-free Whopper at 59 different stores in the St. Louis area. They introduced the launch with a taste-test video featuring customers eating a Whopper with a plant-based patty. All customers in the taste test agreed that they couldn’t tell the difference between the two burgers.

Following in the footsteps of Trackside, Burger King will charge almost a dollar more for the meatless burger. There no word yet on if or when the Impossible Whopper will be introduced nationwide.

Would you try The Impossible Whopper? Let us know!

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