When excellence comes around, don’t delay another minute. J Cumberbatch, owner and founder of Satori Cuts in Stroudsburg, PA, is the definition of excellence. In fact, in the shop he goes by Ecsylence. Due to his positive persona and impact on the individuals who walk in to his shop, J has been selected as Novembers Best of the Burg winner.

Satori Cuts

The foundation of Satori Cuts was built on a new brand of barbers; barbers focused on success through personal growth and empowering the community. They strive everyday to be an inspiration to everyone they come into contact with. Their barbers know that Satori is more than just a name. Satori is the character and the pedigree of gentleman that is the foundation of who they are.

“Today what we call success in our culture is measured largely by how much you obtain. By how much honor, money, power, or procession you accumulate. In the new culture your success will be measured by how much you can bring and do for others. The irony will be the more you cause others to have the more you will attain. At Satori, our focus and goal is to be more than a barbershop. We want to be a beacon of understanding how to be more than the person you are today.

We stand firm in being the change we seek and stepping up to the plate as leaders within the community to guide, protect, and nourish every being in our presence. Our purpose at Satori is to inspire the world, one person at a time, by bringing out the excellence in our character.”


As a barber, J is able to induct his wisdom and outlook to all his customers. Multitudes of praise and thankfulness come from Deshawn and Mariel, two of his barbers, considering him to be that of a father figure and mentor, never “just a boss.” Voted as the best barbershop by the Pocono Times, Satori Cuts is able to make a lasting impression for everyone in the neighborhood.

J’s journey had been one of uncertainty until he accepted his call. Building his brand of barbers focused on success through personal growth and empowerment. “I had always been good as a barber, but it was never something I always wanted to do. As my life went on everything always came back to being a barber.” That’s the best way to describe this journey for Jay, but since he’s taken his call it’s helped him become a beacon to the Poconos. As the leader of Satori Cuts, J has taken on the ability to instill the change we as people seek and step up to the plate as a leader to guide, protect, and nourish every being in his presence.

Best of the Burg

TEPSBEST is proud to have been able to work with such a strong team as Satori Cuts. We are always looking for the best businesses and individualswho are making an impact in the Poconos to highlight on our monthly segment.

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