A Bachelor Whirlwind Nobody Saw Coming


Spoiler Alert.

After last week’s heartbreaking episode of the Bachelor where Cassie broke up with Colton after confessing his love to her, the show took an even more dramatic turn. And it all started with a fence jump.


Let’s be real. We’ve been waiting to see the infamous fence jump since the season started. Editors sure do know how to make us continue watching, don’t they?

It all went down after Cassie told Colton that she doesn’t think she’d be able to get there in the relationship. His response? Something to the lines of: I love you, I want it to be you in the end. Whenever I am with other girls, all I think about is you. Honestly, the entire scene was heartbreaking to watch.

No matter what Colton told her, Cassie couldn’t get out of her head. She kept thinking of her Father not giving Colton approval for her hand in marriage. Did I mention her Father came to Portugal before their date? Yeah, that happened.


The Jump

Before Cassie got into the car, Colton said I love you once more. Her response? I love you too. Really? If she is not in love with Colton, why in the world did she just say those words? I don’t know if that is the show or real life, but that was hard to watch.

After Cassie drove away, the camera went to Colton who was walking towards a tall white wall taking off his mics. With Chris Harrison calling out his name, Colton surprised Bachelor Nation and hopped the fence.

About Last Night

Last night, we finally saw what happened after the fence jump. While it took producers a while to find Colton roaming the pitch black streets of Portugal in the first place, Colton told Chris that he was done with the show. But, he can’t actually be done, right?

For 95% of the episode, we saw Colton break up with the two remaining girls, Tayshia and Hannah G. He told both of them that he can’t be in love with two people and that he loved Cassie. As if that’s what they wanted to hear from the man they love.

Hannah G

Hannah G.

Not taking anything away from the relationship Colton had with Tayshia, but watching the break up with Hannah was heartbreaking. To say she was blindsided, before her last date even took place, was an understatement.

“I thought it was us the entire time. I valued our relationship so much and I didn’t even get the chance to even have another date with him. He gave everybody else that chance and I thought, why not me?”

When she got home, her family thought she was engaged until she told them. “It was really hard to tell them what had happened. I was in denial for a long time.”


It might have been how the season was edited, but I did not see a spark between Cassie and Colton. However, Colton is fighting for a second chance with her as “she is the one for me”. I mean, if she needs any more validation of his feelings after he jumped a fence for her, I don’t know what will work.

In true Bachelor fashion, last nights episode ended with Colton knocking on her door. What will happen next? Tune in tonight for the 2-hour season finale at 8pm EST on ABC.

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