5 Graduation Cap Decoration Trends You NEED for Your Big Day


‘Tis the season for graduation! The time has come to walk across the stage and get that piece of paper you’ve worked so damn hard for. But first, what would the big day be without a decked out mortarboard?

Arguably, the most important part of graduation day is scanning the sea of students to see what everyone put on their caps. I mean, it’s a good strategy so you don’t fall asleep during the guest speaker’s speech. Just kidding. Maybe.

Check out these top 5 graduation cap decoration trends.

1. The Personal Touch

This trend is easily one of the most important, because it’s your graduation cap and it should definitely have a touch of you and your passions on it.

Personalized Cap

2. Puns

Whether or not you’ve been in school for years, or there’s no better way to showcase your excitement for getting your degree than with a play on words.

Pun Cap

3. Major/School Oriented

For four or more years, your life has been consumed by one place. Pay tribute to your major, or even your school on your cap.

Teacher Cap

4. Pop Culture References

One of the biggest grad cap trends is the nod to your favorite TV show, movie, or song on your cap. Use the lyrics from your favorite song or a quote from your favorite movie accompanied by pictures (painted or printed) from the reference.

Game of Thrones Cap

5. Sending Thanks

Shout out the people (or even, the caffeinated beverages) who got you to this point in your life. While you should be proud of your hard work, it’s nice to thank your friends and family that helped get you to this point.

Thanks Cap

Congrats Grads

Whatever way you decide to decorate your cap, just make it special. This is one of the most significant days of your life and you deserve to look your best!

Plan on decorating your cap? Let us know what you’re planning in the comments below!

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